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60+Club Bestsellers Guide - eBooks for the Over 60s

9 proven ways to improve your health & wellbeing for over 60s

60PlusClub are excited to release their latest guide, 9 proven ways to improve your health & wellbeing. Read about topical issues centred on health, well-being and embracing the aging process of life and all it's splendour.

Each chapter has been compiled using published content that is factual, results from research studies and social testing, and opinions from industry experts in the field.

The focus of this online book is to embrace life, helpful tips and techniques of keeping a positive state of mind, the importance of socialising, feeling energised, smiling, being healthy, exercising the mind, body and soul, and overall, a friendly reminder of maintaining a great quality-of-life in your retired years.

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Be inspired, learn more & embrace life's journey

The online guidebook explores the many topical subject matters that most people aged over 60 years think about. Each chapter and volume offers greater perspective, relevance, insights, inspiration, and provides you with interesting and relevant facts of life from proven studies.

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Chapters from the Bestsellers Guide:

  1. Laughter, the key to happiness
  2. Smile, it's actually good for you
  3. Exercising when you're 60+
  4. Staying healthy & keeping positive
  5. Why you need a good night's sleep
  6. Why being social is good for your health
  7. Why being generous after 60 is good for you
  8. Staying relaxed after 60
  9. Techniques to keeping your memory active

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Proven studies by experts & specialists to give you greater knowledge

This 60+ years bestsellers guide will take you through a life-centric journey, exploring the many facets of life, both the bright and the dark side. The online book investigates the benefits behind laughter, smiling, the links between pets and ways of beating dementia and mental health. It uncovers the truth about exercising when you're over 60, staying healthy, establishing the good and bad alcohol habits, plus the importance of sleep as well as tips to find a deeper snooze. And finishing with the health benefits of staying social, why generosity keeps you positive, best ways to finding relaxation and methods to keeping your memory sharp.

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